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Photo: Glass of Lemon Mint Detox Water

Lemon Mint Detox Water

This spa quality mixture for your water could be just the thing that helps you feel great all day long and help clean out toxins and impurities. Lemon naturally cleanses and alkalizes your body. Mint helps aid in digestion, in fact, just a sniff of mint tells your stomach to automatically get ready to digest. Cucumber is re-hydrating and has anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger helps the digestion process and adds a little kick! There's really no right or wrong way to make this recipe. Start with this basic recipe and then adjust to your taste. Too much mint, leave it out! Want more ginger, put more in! This mixture will be good for 3-4 refills throughout the day and then it will start to lose it's flavor and its effectiveness.

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Green Power Juice

Greens juices can be made to taste using any type of leafy green you wish. This recipe is just one of many option to include delicious green drinks into your life.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate

This is hot chocolate with a little kick. Try this vegan version and warm up from the inside.

Photo: Stovetop Chai

Stovetop Chai

If you haven’t got chai spice blend handy, but want a quick cup of chai, here’s a delicious recipe that you can make in minutes.

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Hazelnut Vanilla Shake

Nut milks are a delicious and sustaining food. They are also extremely versatile - as a dairy alternative in a cup of coffee, over cereal, or with flavors or fruit in an incredible ‘milkshake’.

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Deluxe Green Power Smoothie

This is a classic green smoothie souped-up with extra protein, minerals and fat for a more sustaining energy and complete meal. Add any extra greens desired. The sharper flavor of greens like kale will be hidden under the protein powder. Other popular additions include fruit, super foods like maca and lucuma powder, seaweeds, nut milk, flax and chia seeds.

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Classic Green Smoothie

Other greens can be substituted for romaine - particularly the milder greens like red leaf lettuce, beet greens and spinach. Mint and parsley are also delicious additions.

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Almond Chocolate Berry Shake

The key to making this a really great milkshake is in adjusting the balance of the berries, chocolate and sweetness to your palate. The stevia will bring out the chocolate flavor, and the salt will give the chocolate depth.

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Indulge in a holiday favorite without the guilt! Pumpkins are full of vitamin A and beta-carotene which are great for your eyesight and can be cancer preventative. Check out our YouTube video to watch this recipe in action!

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Raw Pumpkin Spice Latte

This creamy, sweet drink is a spicy addition to your holiday beverages.