Decreasing Inflammation with Diet

by Sabra Leomo, Registered Dietitian

Women are multi-taskers; if we are doing one thing we are doing six things. We are wonderful at getting things accomplished but we often put our own needs and health on the back-burner. Insufficient sleep, stress, obesity and busy lifestyles that lack self-care can all contribute to inflammation in our bodies.

Back to School Fuel: Healthy Nutrition for the School Year

by By Sabra Leomo, Registered Dietitian

How does summer always slip by so quickly? August brings us back to school with busy mornings and activity-illed evenings. Today I will share some easy tips to help ease you back into the school routine. With the start of school we often focus on pencils, binders, and other neatly packaged school supplies. While school supplies are important (who can resist a new pack of crayons?) let’s take a minute to talk about nutrition. Feeding your children healthy meals and snacks helps them focus in school and aids in their growth and development.

Oodles of Zoodles

by By Sabra Leomo, Registered Dietitian

Zoodles are an easy way to increase vegetable consumption in some of your favorite recipes. The average diet in the United States falls short of the recommended daily serving of vegetables. These recommended servings depend on a few factors such as age and gender. Two to three cups of vegetables per day is generally recommended for adults.

Malama Your Mama

by Sabra Rebo, R.D.

A few years ago my now husband and I visited Molokai to hike and have some time away from the city. After a revitalizing long weekend we stopped at a small bookstore before flying home. We ended up spending time (we almost missed our flight) just talking story with the shop owner and loving on the bookstore dog, who would sprawl out on the floor for a belly rub. In the bookstore there were T-shirts and other souvenirs that said “Malama Your Mama”. As Earth Day approaches I remember that experience and message.

Plan with Plant-Based Protein

by Sabra Rebo, R.D.

Have you been thinking about switching to a plant-based diet or incorporating more plant protein into your diet? There are many great reasons to do so, including your health, the environment, and compassion for animals. A well-planned vegetarian diet can reduce your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and hypertension.1 Vegetarians also tend to have a lower body mass index (a measure of body fat)2. The health benefits of a vegetarian diet are great motivators to make the switch to plant-based eating! 

Season’s Eatings: Healthy Baking Substitutions

by Sabra Rebo, R.D. Down to Earth Community Outreach Team Leader

When I think about the holidays, nothing says home like the smell of baking. There is something so comforting and festive about holiday baking. Perhaps it’s the smells associated with baking or the thought of spending time in the kitchen with the people I love. However, with holiday baking comes additional calories, sugar, and fat added into our diets. There are several easy baking substitutions that can help reduce the amount of calories, sugar, and fat in baked goods without compromising taste. Festive, healthy and delicious are possible when you make smart substitutions.

Sharing Love and Compassion Through Food

by Sabra Rebo, R.D. Down to Earth Community Outreach Team Leader

Across cultures love is shown through food. The making, cooking, serving, and eating of food can bring people together and provide an expression of love… such as when I walk into my mom’s kitchen and she asks “Are you hungry? What can I make you to eat?” or when college students across the world receive care packages of comfort food from home. These are just a couple examples of how love is shown through food, and there might be specific examples you can think of in your own life.

A Healthy Halloween Doesn’t Have to be Witchful Thinking!

by Sabra Rebo, R.D. Down to Earth Community Outreach Team Leader

No bones about it… the holidays and healthy eating can be a challenge. Halloween is the start to the fall and winter seasons of sweets and treats, and finding balance now can help you navigate the upcoming holiday season. The focus of Halloween is often candy, but with a few helpful tips you can find ways to enjoy other fun aspects of the holiday while making healthier choices.