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The Sports Performance Advantages of a Plant-based Diet

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Photo: Triathlete Running out of the Ocean

Can athletes that don’t eat meat really be top competitors? Just ask tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams, NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul, Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton, Gold Medal Olympian runner Carl Lewis, or pro surfer Tia Blanco.

Wonderful Ramen

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Photo: A man holding chopsticks with ramen noodles over a steaming bowl

It’s quite possible that ramen is the most perfect meal. In just one simple bowl you get filling noodles, comforting soup, a medley of spices, sauces, and veggies, plus other toppings of your choice. Ramen is versatile and totally personalize-able.

A Deep Dive into Essential Oils

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Photo: Bottles of Essential Oils

The captivating world of essential oils has garnered a lot of interest over the years. They're not just appealing because of their soothing aromas or their attractive little bottles, but also due to their potential benefits in enhancing well-being.

Take Care of Yourself with Healthy Comfort Foods

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Picture: A bowl of pumpkin soup

What’s on your comfort food list? You may not actually have a written down list, but you probably have some meals that you go for, or at least crave, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, down, tired, sick, or just plain blah.

Earth, Health, and Budget-Friendly Eating

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Photo: Vegetable Skewers

Most people have one of these main concerns: money, health, or the planet. You may even be seriously worried about all three!

Celebrating National Environmental Education Week: Inspiring a Greener Future

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Two children engaging in nature education

National Environmental Education Week (NEEW) is an annual celebration that aims to inspire and educate people about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

Make This Earth Day Organic and Natural & Shop for the 'Aina!

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Picture: Organic Carrots

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd but at Down to Earth we like to celebrate all month long!

Restoring Our Earth for a Sustainable Future: Earth Month 2023

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Photo Illustration: Hands holding green earth together

April is Earth Month, a time when people around the world come together to celebrate our planet and raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection. As we enter Earth Month 2023, it's more important than ever to take action to preserve our planet for future generations.

A Helpful Guide to Plant-based Meats & Cheeses

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Picture: Plant-based burger with plant-based cheese

It wasn’t that long ago when natural foods stores like Down to Earth carried just tofu and tempeh.

Gifts of Wellness from the Sea

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Photo: Ocean Wave

Our ocean friend, that surrounds these beautiful islands, gives us many gifts.