Down to Earth Christmas Menu 2021

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we will not be offering Christmas menu orders due to unforeseen circumstances. We sincerely apologize about this, as some of you have been planning your holiday meals around us. We hope you all have a happy holiday!

Celebrate the Holiday's with Down to Earth!

Order your Christmas Meals Online from Sunday 12/19 through Friday 12/24 on the Down to Earth Deli App or at

7-day Plant-based Meal Plan for Beginners

In the spirit of Veganuary, we're here to support you with the basics of composing a healthy and delicious plant-based meal plan.

You'll need to make sure you're getting a good balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Many vegans lack vitamin B12, as this is a B vitamin that’s not as readily available in plant-based foods. The good news is you can sprinkle some nutritional yeast over your meals for an easy B12 source (and a tasty, cheesy flavor!). You can also take a B12 supplement to make sure you're getting enough.

3..2..1..Happy New Years!

3..2..1..Happy New Year!

Say goodbye to the old, and aloha to the new year! With 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to start preparing for the new year with a tasteful New Year’s Eve celebration. Whether you are having a small party with your closest friends and family, or throwing a virtual party, Down to Earth wants to make sure you have all the key ingredients to wow your guests. 

3 Ways to Repurpose Holiday Leftovers + Reduce Waste

Time for holiday festivities! The friends, the family, the joy—and the food. For many of us, these are the best meals of the year. After enjoying those big meals and the remnants for a few days, though, leftover fatigue is a real thing.  Food waste is also a big problem. Food production accounts for 26% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, but it is estimated that 6% comes from food that is never eaten, due to either being lost in the supply chain or wasted after being purchased by customers.  

#GivingTuesday- Spread Some Aloha!

Today is #GivingTuesday and the perfect chance to spread your aloha! Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 with a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Giving what you can to a local organization that does good in our communities, or to someone who needs a helping hand, will make our world a lot brighter.

Here's some of our favorite charities that would appreciate some extra love today:

Holiday Gifts For Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gifts For Everyone on Your List

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! This year, Down to Earth can help you save time on holiday gift planning. We have carefully curated the best items in our stores to help you check everyone off your list.

Happy Shopping!

1. Terra Natural Designs Bracelet

2. Terra Natural Designs Earrings

3. Terra Natural Designs Scarf

Nurturing Your Pregnancy & Baby Naturally

Creating a healthy and safe environment for your growing baby when pregnant, and later when breastfeeding, is essential. You can wonderfully nurture your little one by choosing nourishing foods and supplementing with natural wellness products, as well as avoiding chemical exposure.

Your Guide to a Vegan Holiday Charcuterie Board

With the holidays approaching, it has me reminiscing on past gatherings and traditions. While this year’s holidays may look a bit different, it doesn’t mean we have to forgo every detail that makes these times so special to us. Because the holiday season is such a busy time for everyone, it can leave us feeling unprepared on what to serve our closest friends and family at our celebrations. For me, a Holiday Charcuterie Board is the perfect platter to bring everyone together.

A Quick Guide to Vegan Substitutes

November 1st is World Vegan Day, and what better way to celebrate than talking vegan substitutes! There are hundreds of vegan alternatives to animal products. We've rounded up vegan versions of seven staple ingredients:


For vegan chefs and bakers, replacing eggs is probably the biggest challenge of all. When it comes down to it, there are no perfect vegan substitutions for eggs, but here are a few that get the job done: