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How to Save Your Life, a Testimonial by Chef Paul H. Onishi

Chef Paul Onishi has been involved in the food and beverage industry for 50 years.

Veganuary & Other Possible Dreams for 2020


Have you heard of Veganuary? Veganuary is a non-profit organization started in UK that encourages people worldwide to try a vegan diet for January and beyond. During the 2019 campaign, over a quarter of a million people took the pledge to try a vegan diet.

Keep the Doctor Away with Seven Servings of Produce

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It is not news that eating a plant-based diet, abundant in produce, such as in Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, promotes health and reduces risks for chronic and preventable diseases.

A Plant-Based Diet is Best for a Healthy Heart

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What diet helps support a lifetime of good health and provides protection against numerous diseases, including our country’s three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes?

Fall in Love with Avocados

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It is only fitting that February is American Heart Month. With Valentine’s Day being celebrated in February, hearts receive a lot of attention. The most important heart, the one beating in our chest, definitely deserves some extra attention.

A Few of Your Favorite Things in 2018 and the Growth of the Plant-Based Trend

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Happy New Year! Our Down to Earth team wishes you greater happiness and wonderful health in 2019.

Third Annual Vegfest Oahu Shows Hawaii Akamai In The Global Trend Towards Plant-Based Eating

Photo: VegFest Oahu. Celebrate, Learn, Taste. Down to Earth Organic and Natural

Down to Earth will once again be the lead sponsor for VegFest Oahu 2018! 

The event brings together almost 50 booths offering education, food, and entertainment, and was attended by 4000 people last year including Mayor Kirk Caldwell. Activities include: plant-based cooking demos by expert chefs, speakers on health and environmental topics, a unique collection of food entrepreneurs selling island-made vegan products and dishes hand-crafted to appeal to the local palate, movement classes, lots of free food sampling, interactive exhibits with healthy games, and continuous live music.

New Study Confirms Veggie Diets Are More Sustainable than Non-Veggie Diets

Photo: Hawaii Farms

With Earth Day coming on April 22nd, it is a good time to review major nutrition and environmental research that continues to sound the alarm.  A plant-based diet will be key to the sustainability of our planet.

What’s the Top Food Trend for 2018?

Today, Mintel reports that nearly a third of Americans are practicing meat-free days. Younger generations appreciate the reduced environmental impact, and older generations appreciate the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Between 2012 and 2016, sales of grocery store food and drink products labeled “vegetarian” increased by 25%. Products labeled “vegan” had an astonishing 257% rise. The trend also extends to our digital lives — Google searches for the word vegan increased by 90% in 2017.

VegFest Oahu 2017 Slated for Saturday Sept 2nd

VegFest Oahu. Celebrate, Learn, Taste. Down to Earth Organic and Natural

Down to Earth will be the lead sponsor of Hawaii’s 2nd VegFest Oahu(link is external), which will be held at the Frank Fasi Civic Grounds near Honolulu Hale Saturday, September 2nd from 12:00-5:30 pm. VegFest Oahu is a free community event that celebrates plant-based, sustainable living.