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Photo: Fresh Pineapple


Find out what's trending in organic and natural living. From our team to yours - we bring you a wealth of education and knowledge, including insight from some of our favorite Wellness Managers. Ask us if there's something you want to know more about!


Photo: Local farmer holding organic mushrooms


"Down to Earth is proud to be Hawaii's leading organic and natural retailer, providing healthy alternatives to our lovely customers and communities since we started on Maui in 1977.

From local Hawaii farmers who supply the freshest organic produce, small local vendors selling handcrafted healthy onolicious products, passionate skin and body care creators and much more! Read more about local farmers, producers and food creators

Photo: Down to Earth Team Member


Customers can trust that at Down to Earth they will find a wide selection of high-quality local, fresh, organic, and natural foods and products; that they will be served by knowledgeable and friendly team members in well-merchandised stores; and that they will be provided with opportunities to learn about healthy and sustainable living.

Everything that Down to Earth does is guided by our Core Values of Local, Fresh, Organic, and Natural. Check out our stores for more information

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After some nourishing food inspiration? From local favorites, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and more...try something different from our recipe collection.

  • Photo: Raspberry Ice Cream made with Frozen Bananas

    Raspberry Nice Cream w/ Pistachio Crumble


    Tune in to KHON’s Living 808 segment on February 19th (4pm) to watch us prepare this recipe! Nice Cream is a fun twist on ice cream using whipped frozen bananas as a creamy cold base. Add any additional flavors to make your favorite scoop!

    View Recipe Raspberry Nice Cream w/ Pistachio Crumble

  • Photo: Pitaya Bowl

    Pitaya Bowl


    This delicious smoothie bowl is both refreshing and filling.

    View Recipe Pitaya Bowl

  • Popped Amaranth Bars

    Breakfast, Snacks

    These fun snacks are perfect for keiki and big kids (aka adults!) for munching on something sweet, salty and almost guilt free! Make a bunch ahead of time and have them ready to go in your lunch bags, backpacks and around the house. As seen on Living808!

    View Recipe Popped Amaranth Bars

  • Kim Chi Fried Rice


    A local favorite made with a little extra richness and spice.

    View Recipe Kim Chi Fried Rice

  • Photo: Quinoa Salad

    Quinoa Salad w/ Chopped Vegetables

    Entrees, Salads

    This detoxifying, colorful, and nutritious salad doesn’t skimp on taste. This dish yields a very large salad that can be served fresh or made ahead of time. Refrigerate salad with the dressing on the side to enjoy throughout the week.

    View Recipe Quinoa Salad w/ Chopped Vegetables