"As a local company, serving Hawaii since 1977, we support local farmers and businesses, and actively promote healthy and sustainable living within Hawaii’s island communities."

Each year we purchase about $4 million in products from 400 local vendors including over 100 farmers and growers.  The trust and loyalty we have developed with them means we will continue to have access to the freshest local fruits and vegetables.

We have fostered and maintained close relationships with local farmers, purchasing as much as possible locally so that we may bring you the most available locally grown produce and foods.  More than 40 percent of the produce we sell is grown in Hawaii. We support local because it’s:

  • ​Fresher. The shorter distances produce travels from a local farm to you ensures it is fresher and contains the highest possible amount of nutrients, enzymes and life-force. 
  • Greener.  Less energy is spent transporting local food. 
  • And keeps money in the local community.  We appreciate the opportunity to help local businesses and farmers succeed by buying local whenever possible.

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