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Down To Earth Cooking Class

Honolulu Magazine

DATE: Wed June 12, 2013 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

EVENT DETAILS: Andrea Bertoli will be teaching weekly vegetarian and vegan cooking classes every Wednesday. The class will offer recipes to gluten-free goodies featuring healthy hemp foods like hemp protein bars, banana date cakes and mini fruit crumble pies. There will be a second class available with the same recipes from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

COST: Free

LOCATION Kapolei Commons 4460 Kapolei Pkwy. Down To Earth Kapolei, HI

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Natural Food Retailers Growing a Non-GMO Future

Non-GMO Project Newsletter

by Chris Keefe, Retailer Programs Manager, Non-GMO Project

For some, the phrase “non-GMO movement” conjures images of stalwart farmers defending their farms from biotech giants. Others imagine citizens or politicians standing up for our right to know what’s in our food. And it’s true — lawsuits have been filed against farmers, and groups in thirty-two states are working toward GMO labeling laws. But while the court cases grind on and the political battles are waged, we all keep eating. Our farmers keep growing crops, and weekly, we go to the store for greens and groceries.

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Last Week to Win a Gift Basket filled with Fair Trade items!

by Down to Earth

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day by taking advantage of the last week to purchase our special fair trade items on sale!

We're offering great savings on products such as Dr. Bronner's soaps and Guayaki teas. You'll find these brands in the Fair World Project section at all Down to Earth stores through May 15th.

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Down to Earth to require GMO labeling by 2018

The Maui Weekly

by The Maui Weekly

Down to Earth Organic & Natural recently announced it will begin requiring any products with ingredients containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be labeled as such by 2018. The decision follows a similar announcement by Whole Foods.

"Whole Foods' announcement is a game changer," said Down to Earth Chief Organic Officer Mark Fergusson. "It marks a big victory in the move towards the labeling of genetically labeled foods. Down to Earth will monitor and review the situation and may move our implementation date earlier if that becomes possible."

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Independents lead GMO labeling efforts

New Hope 360 Blog

by Christine Kapperman

The Natural Grocery Company, Good Earth Naturals, Sundance Natural Foods, Nature’s Storehouse, Terra Organica and Bargainica, Down to Earth Organic and Natural. These are the retailers, among so many more, that I think of when it comes to taking a stand against GMOs.

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Down to Earth Explains Success as Maui-Born Pioneer

by Down to Earth

Down to Earth's success was the topic of a presentation by Mark Fergusson, Down to Earth Chief Organic Officer (CEO/CFO) during a panel discussion held by the Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) and Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (MNHCoC) at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Wailuku on Feb. 27th.

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NEW Super-Smoothies & Juices

by Down to Earth

Healthy Choices For Morning, Afternoon Treats

Our new line of delicious Super Smoothies and Fresh Juices is now available in the Down to Earth Deli at all Oahu locations. They're a refreshing, healthy choice for breakfast or as a treat any time of the day. The tasty blends of the new Super Smoothies are simply creamy and provide a terrific boost of energy. Choose from Kreamy Kale, Mocha Mixer, Berry Blaster, Powerful Protein, and Island Sunset. (12 oz. $5.99, 16 oz. $7.99, 24 oz. $10.99).